«II этап Областной предметной олимпиады учащихся основной школы «Юниор-2015» по Английскому языку 6 класс Максимальный балл – 65 баллов Время ...»

II этап Областной предметной олимпиады

учащихся основной школы «Юниор-2015»

по Английскому языку 6 класс

Максимальный балл – 65 баллов

Время выполнения – 100 минут

Инструкция по выполнению работы

Работа состоит из четырех разделов – аудирование, чтение, лексика и грамматика, письмо. Внимательно прочитайте инструкцию перед выполнением заданий.

Задание по аудированию представлено 5 вопросами. Для выполнения задания вы прослушаете информацию, используя которую нужно заполнить пропуски в предложениях. Перед первым прослушиванием внимательно прочитайте все в течение 2-3 минут. Затем вам будет предложено прослушать текст, который звучит два раза. После аудирования текста выполните задания. Общее время выполнения задания – 10 минут.

Раздел «Чтение» предлагает выполнить два задания по тексту. Во-первых, прочитать текст и подобрать заголовки к его параграфам, во-вторых, найти и выписать слова, имеющие предложенное значение в номерах с 10-15. Общее время выполнения задания – 20 минут.

Раздел «Лексика и грамматика» представлен 5-ю заданиями. Первое задание предлагает заполнить пропуски в тексте по данному примеру, это могут быть союзы, артикли, предлоги, вспомогательные глаголы. Будьте внимательны, вариантов ответов нет. Во втором задании нужно заполнить пропуски в предложениях, используя слова, подходящие по значению и начинающиеся с данной буквы. Количество букв указано. В третьем задании следует соотнести тип магазина с тем, что можно в нем купить. Три варианта – лишние. Четвертое задание предлагает вставить высказывания в два диалога. В пятом задании дана таблица с информацией про мировые океаны, ваша задача использовать правильную форму сравнительной или превосходной степени прилагательных в предложениях после таблицы. На выполнение всех заданий дается - 35 минут.

Раздел «Письмо» предлагает написание небольшого рассказа с предложенным заголовком. Используйте план из задания. Соблюдайте ограничение по количеству слов. Рассказ следует писать на бланке ответов в специально отведенном месте. Время выполнения задания – 35 минут.

Не забудьте перенести свои ответы в бланк ответов!

Желаем удачи!

I. Listening (10 points)

Time: 10 minutes

For questions 1-5 you will hear some information about dental health. Listen and fill in the gaps with one word or number.

How to keep your teeth & gums healthy

Brush your teeth after every 0) meal or at least 1) _______ a day.

Brush for at least 2) _______ minutes.

Avoid 3) ____________ and sugary drinks.

Eat lots of fresh 4) ____________and vegetables.

Visit your dentist every 5) ________ months for a check-up.

II. Reading (10 points)

Time: 20 minutes

1. For questions 6-11 read the text and write information about the numbers

Life in Tudor Times

The six powerful Tudor kings and queens ruled England from 1485-1603. The most famous king was Henry VIII, who married six times and beheaded two of his wives! It was one of the most exciting times in British history, but whether you were rich or poor, life could be very difficult.

6) ___

Rich Tudors lived in fine houses with many rooms and big windows. Poor country people lived in small wooden houses with mud floors. In the towns, the streets were narrow, gloomy and crowded, which made it easy for criminals to steal from shops and people.

7) ___

Wealthy people and noblemen owned land or even helped the King or Queen to rule the country. Most people, however, were poor and worked in the countryside. Slightly richer people worked as craftsmen or merchants in the towns. Tudor shops had picture signs outside to show people what they sold, as many people could not read.

8) ___

In Tudor times, rich people often held huge banquets where they ate far too much! They had quite an unhealthy diet as they ate lots of very salty meat from the animals they owned or hunted. They also ate very little fruit, vegetables, milk, butter and eggs as they thought these foods were only suitable for poor people to eat!

9) ___

It was the law that every man had to practise archery every Sunday morning! Rich people liked to fence and play tennis while ordinary people played games like bowls, hockey and football or went to the theatre. William Shakespeare lived in Tudor times. His plays are still performed today all over the world!

A. Eating habits

B. Housing

C. Entertainment

D. Work

2. For questions 10-15 find the words from the text with these meanings. Choose from the words in bold the text. There are four extra variants.

10. skilled people who make things by hands ____________

11. not wide ___________

12. acted or played ______________

13. having control over lots of people __________________

14. large meal with lots of people _____________________

15. normal ____________________

III. Use of English (35 points)

Time: 35 minutes

1. For questions 16-24 complete the gaps with one word only.

Tulip festival

I’ve never seen 0) so many flowers in my life as I saw at the Tulip Festival in Ottawa, Canada in 2001. The

weather was beautiful and sunny! The festival lasted 16)____ three days and I got the chance to see many bands performing live. I voted for the best tulip garden and I even made a flower arrangement myself!

Highland Games

I’ve just returned 17)______ beautiful Scotland, where I had an incredible time at the Highland Games, 18) ____ traditional Scottish contest of athletics, dancing and music. I loved the sound of bagpipes and I enjoyed the exciting tossing the caber contest. I bought a tartan kilt and I even tasted haggis, a famous traditional Scottish dish! Despite the terrible things I’ve heard about 19) ____, I found it pretty tasty!

Balloon Festival

The first time I went on a balloon ride in my life was 20) ____ 2003, during the Balloon Festival in New York! Soon after the launch, the sky changed into a colourful canvas as hot-air balloons of all shapes 21) ____ sizes rose into the air.

Paekche Festival

I attended the Paekche Festival while I was 22) _____ Korea in 2002. People wore the most impressive costumes I’ve 23) ____ seen and there was a spectacular street parade. I took many pictures and I even performed the Korean fan dance, a tradition people 24) _____ kept alive for years!

2. For questions 25-30 write the best word starting with the letters given.

25. The rug is very e_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. We can’t buy it.

26. Gardeners don’t wear a u _ _ _ _ _ _.

27. I usually help mum with the housework at the weekend. I d _ _ _ the furniture or take out the rubbish.

28. Susan finds her job b _ _ _ _ _. She just sits at a desk all day.

29. Mike always has fried eggs for b _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

30. I cook food quickly with a m _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

3. For questions 31-35 match things and types of shops. There are three extra variants.

31. dolls, teddy bears, model cars

32. aspirin, plasters, toothbrushes

33. bananas, pears, oranges

34. bracelets, rings, necklaces

35. dictionaries, books, encyclopedias

A. newsagent’s

B. greengrocer’s

C. butcher’s

D. chemist’s

E. jeweller’sF. electrical shop

G. bookshop

H. toy shop

4. For questions 36-45 complete the dialogues with sentences A-J from the first column.

A Thank you. Oh, and something else.

B How often can I use them ?C Could I have something for sunburn, please? My back is really burnt.

D What do you have for tired eyes?

E You’re welcome

F Good! Let’s do it!

G What's that?

H Well, I've got toothache.I Oh, OK. As long as it's not a needle. I hate needles.

J Oh no. I hate the drill! A: Good morning. How can I help you?

B: 36) ___

A: I suggest you use this skin cream. You apply it twice a day.

B: 37) ___

A: Yes, madam?

B: 38) ___

A: Try some o f these eye drops. They're excellent!

B: 39) ___

A: Whenever your eyes are sore. But you mustn’t use them more than three times a day.

B: OK, thank you.

A: 40) ____

A: Hello, Judy. Come and sit down. What's the problem?

B: 41) ___

A: OK, let me have a look. Open wide.B: 42) ____

A: It's just a mirror. See? You needn't be afraid.

B: 43) ___

A: Hmm... I'm afraid you need to have a filling. We must do it now before it gets worse.

B: 44) ___

A: Don't worry. You won't feel a thing!

B: 45) ___

5. For questions 46-50 complete the sentences with the correct comparative or superlative degree of adjectives in brackets.

OCEANS size (in million square metres) depth (lowest point) (in metres) length of coastline (in kilometres)

the Pacific 155,557 10,924 135,663

the Atlantic 76,762 8,605 111,866

the Indian 68,556 7,258 66,526

the Southern20,327 7,235 17,968

the Arctic14,056 4,665 45,389

46. The Indian Ocean is _______ (deep) than the Arctic.

47. The Pacific Ocean is the ______ (big).

48. The Southern Ocean is _________ (small) than the Atlantic.

49. The Arctic Ocean’ coastline is _______ (long) than the Southern’s.

50. The Atlantic Ocean’s coastline is _______ (short) than the Pacific’s.

IV. Writing (10 points)

Time: 35 minutes

Your teacher asked you to write a story for a school magazine with a title “What a day!” Write your story, think about: when and where the story happened? What was the weather like? How did you feel? What happened in the end?

Write 60-90 words.

Бланк ответовРайон Фамилия Населенный

пункт Имя Школа Отчество Класс Итоговый балл Listening Reading Use of English

1 6 16 26 36 2 7 17 27 37 3 8 18 28 38 4 9 19 29 39 5 10 20 30 40 11 21 31 41 12 22 32 42 13 23 33 43 14 24 34 44 15 25 35 45 46 47 48 49 50 Total WRITING



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